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Michael Galavis, Four Seasons Cleaning Owner












Hello, I’m Michael Galaviz, the owner of Four Seasons Cleaning. I learned at a young age about the need to help. As a child I would help my mother clean house. This included making beds, washing dishes, dusting, polishing furniture, emptying trash,  and anything needed to help. On weekends I would help my dad on small construction jobs. I would clean windows, sweep, clean tools, and once again, anything needed to help.

Four Seasons Cleaning started in 1987 when I came out of high school and enrolled at UNM to study engineering. At the time I didn’t know this would turn into a long term business. I shortly discovered this was a job I enjoyed. New cleaning challenges and new equipment seemed to spark more interest in the cleaning and restoration field.

I believe Four Seasons Cleaning is the type of company that helps its customers. Families are so busy these days that a little help with house hold cleaning can go a long way. Commercial businesses are so busy servicing their customers that a cleaning service is not only  an aid to their company, but a necessity. We supply trained labor, maintained equipment, and an updated knowledge of professional cleaning supplies. Being an IICRC Certified Firm, Four Seasons Cleaning will not void any manufacturers carpet warranties. It has been over 20 years now and I still enjoy my work, I still enjoy helping, I still enjoy making a difference.

Thank You,